This is how case givers can easily create and run Listening Circles.

If you feel a bit wobbly the first time, you can send a request, and one of us or our experienced members will try to make time and be your guide during the Listening Circle.

1. Create a Listening Circle

Once you have enough supporters, you need to organise a day and time when 3-5 are available.

We recommend 2 scheduling platforms. Each allows you to choose several days and times of day that would work for you, for free.

    Conveniently connects with your calendar and Zoom account: once you confirm a time slot, Calendly automatically informs Zoom, which automatically sends out an invitation link to the supporters available at that time.
    Simpler, but doesn’t connect to your calendar in the free plan. Once you confirm a time slot, you’ll need to manually create and invite supporters to a video meeting with Zoom/Google Meet/Skype or any other meeting platform that you are familiar with.

Tip: use very different times of day (e.g. early morning + during the day + in the evening), as your supporters may be in different time zones, and most prefer sleep over zoom meetings at night 😉

We recommend two video meeting platforms. Each is easy to use, as you probably have an account with either Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Zoom
    Most of you probably have a Zoom account and know how to use it. – But you would need a Pro account, because the free one is limited to 40 minutes, and the Listening Circle takes about 60 minutes. 
  • Google Meet
    Formerly called Hangouts, this also works fine. You can invite your supporters by simply creating an event in your Google calendar with them as participants and choose the Google Meet option. Then Google attaches a “Meet” link to your invitation. Session length: max 60 minutes.

Tip: remind your supporters about the upcoming video meeting about one day in advance.

These platforms are suggestions only. Naturally you are free to choose other platforms.

2. Run a Listening Circle

A Listening Circle usually lasts 60 minutes.

  • 5 min check-in
  • 50 minutes Listening Circle
  • 5 minutes check-out

Here are your instructions:


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