Welcome to SourceField

A woman’s resource to ongoing online support

SourceField is a social enterprise that provides an online platform offering
women worldwide the opportunity to support each other through

Listening (= Coaching) Circles, facilitating feed-forward support.

Experience a Guided Listening Circle 

Give support: Help a woman respond to an important challenge in a supportive and innovative way.
Receive support: Access the wisdom and experience of other women when you experience a challenging situation.

We call it Listening Circle (often also called Coaching Circle), because we ‘listen deeply’ to the woman who is sharing her situation. We do not give unsolicited advice or tell her what to do. We listen and support … to help her find her own way forward.

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What is a Listening Circle? 

It is a co-creative team of 4-5 women moving through a specific process, based on the principles of U-Theory. A case giver presents her case, and the supporters help as consultants generating new ways to look at a challenge or question. 

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A Bold Solution: The Coaching (= Listening) Circle

How often is the advice you get actually helpful? … One of the most transformative spaces I’ve experienced, has been inside a coaching circle. … (Presencing Institute) … Read more 

SourceField is for every woman around the world

Giving & Receiving Support

Connect with other women in a safe place where you will support each other as you listen and are listened to.

Building Community

Together we can build an online community of women making a difference through supporting
each other.

Creating Success

Women understand women, the world and business. Through Sourcefield we can learn from one
another and grow together as a network of successful women around the world.

Leaving a Legacy

Share what you have learnt so that others can benefit from your wisdom both now and in future generations.

 Why SourceField?

It’s no secret that women often face gender-related challenges while navigating roles in their careers or even at home. In this day and age it can be hard to find a sense of community where women can give and receive support from one another for big questions.

We at Sourcefield want to even the playing field and offer a safe space where you can help others and get help. 

How? – Through Listening Circles

They are at the core of SourceField and are what makes us different to a regular networking group.

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SourceField provides a platform for women

– To empower each other and feel connected.

– To support and be supported

– To see and be seen

– To listen and be listened to

– To reach out to other women and with their help find your own way forward.


“Great environment for people to ask for help, knowing it will be received with heart and no judgement or prejudice.”

“I feel the stillness before mirroring/sharing gets us all out of our heads.”

“Really enjoyed the openness in a supportive and safe group.”

“I feel seen, heard and came away with some great ideas, action steps & solutions.”

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