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    Here is a wonderful testimonial of a 1st experience of the Listening Circle:

    In life, despite a plan and being down-to-earth, one is confronted with events which sometimes pulls the ground away from under your feet, and you lose your way or yourself. One quarrels, one no longer understands the world, one withdraws, one doubts.ย But if you think nothing works anymore, a little light comes from somewhere. Completely unexpected, I received an offer to tell my story at a SourceField Listening Circle. Not knowing what to expect, I spontaneously agreed.

    I found the conversation among women to be incredibly protected, respectful, inspiring and valuable. I told my story and asked for help. There was no “You have to, you should” or any ‘unwanted’ advice! The women shared their feelings about me and my story, pointed out my strengths, showed me things that I could no longer see about myself, and I found myself feeling strong and valuable again. I am so grateful for this experience. It was very valuable and educational and helped me to stand up for my needs, not to hide anymore and, with a strengthened back, confidently go my way again.

    My thanks to the wonderful women who have inspired me so much. Women who have achieved great things with competence and empathy. Many, many thanks to to you!!! I can only recommend this experience to every woman. Do not doubt, but rather take the chance to help yourself.

    Greetings to you ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜Š