About SourceField

Our vision is to provide a safe place for women to support each other. We share the common purpose of enriching each others’ professional and personal lives.

We achieve this by connecting and guiding women to support each other in a Listening Circle of 4-6 women. You can post a “case” (a challenging situation) you would like support with in our community platform, and other women who want to support you will find you there.

The format of the Listening/Coaching Circle creates intimacy and privacy. This ensures safety within the small circles of women and fosters honest sharing, reciprocal support and concrete help through shared expertise, experience and a sisterhood mindset.  

Three friends & partners 

We are business women and entrepreneurs. We are passionate about supporting other women in their businesses and lives as they, and we, help to create a better future for our planet.

Ama Kalma
Ama is our founder and creative inspiration. She has a rich experience of founding and developing a range of businesses in Europe, the USA and Australia, and was a business consultant specialising in Internet marketing. Ama has been devoted to gender equality for decades of her life. She is now semi-retired and enjoys collaborating with Susanne and Angelika on SourceField.

Watch video where Ama explains her lifelong passion for women’s empowernment.


Susanne Schmid
Susanne, partner, designer for holistic change with international experience, psychologist, senior coach and in charge of marketing and networking. – “I believe it is possible to get results that serves the well-being of all.” – With a special focus on connecting women worldwide, she wants to help create the society that is worth living in for people, our planet and future generations.
Susanne is a Professional Certified Coach by ICF.



Angelika Pohnitzer
Angelika is working as a sociocratic facilitator and consultant. Sociocracy and Theory U, both focussing on presence and inclusive awareness, complement each other perfectly. Angelika is part of the Healthy Power Alliance supporting organizational transformation. Whether you would like to introduce sociocratic elements of facilitation in your meetings, or fully re-shape your organization based on double-linked circle structures, reach out to her for support