Our Services

Public Guided Listening Circles

We offer monthly FREE Listening Circles in English and in German. Dates and times will be announced on the website and on the Women Lead Community = WLC platform.

“Circle is democratic space where we can look each other in the eye, lean in and listen, and include all voices with a sense of equality. The practice of the circle often leads to more creative options, wiser decisions, clearer actions.” – The Circle Way, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

Exclusive Listening Circles and (peer) coaching

For women’s networks, as well as mixed groups or organizations, we also offer exclusive Listening Circles on request. Depending on the number of people and experience, it makes sense to offer one or more Listening Circles in a group, led by experienced facilitators. After that, the group can usually continue the format independently.

We are all experienced coaches and also offer other peer coaching formats and individual coaching at Women Lead Community = WLC.

Ask us for an individual offer.

Consulting and Training

We love to share our experience with the excellent tools that MIT, Boston, and the u-school for Transformation have developed for awareness-based system change. We are available supporting you and your colleagues with regard to stakeholder mapping or interviews, or the introduction of deep listening as a tool, and look forward to accompanying you through your individual U-process. Be it for a project, a program or for a larger transformation process. Individuals and organisations benefit from bulding stronger relationships between colleagues or peers and fostering trust. More info at Women Lead Community = WLC


Prices vary according to location and type of organization. 

Europe/North America/Australasia: 220 Euro/USD or 300 AUD per hour
Developing Countries and NGOs: 50% of the above

Ask us for an individual offer.

Women Lead Community Offers

SourceField is a partner of the Women Lead Community (WLC). On the WLC, women empower themselves and each other to reach their full potential through sharing of resources, networking, learning and coaching. Together, we can create a stronger and more cohesive community of women who are making a difference in the world.

As a member, you will have access to many valuable features of our community:

  • Personalized onboarding for new community members so that you can start your journey with the Women Lead Community on the right foot and get the most out of your membership from the very beginning.
  • Leadership tips and resources from the Community to help you grow personally and professionally. Weekly highlights from the Women Lead Community in English and German so that you never miss an opportunity to learn and grow. In addition, exclusive curated resources and toolkits in the Women Lead Community Resource Hub so that you can grow your skills and advance your career and well-being.
  • 24/7 virtual coworking space to enjoy the flexibility, to stay accountable to your goals, to work or relax as you please in a supportive and collaborative environment alongside like-minded individuals.
  • Weekly Leadership Lounge to network with fellow professionals and receive personalized guidance on the Women Lead Community and your leadership journey.
  • Monthly online networking fireplace to expand your professional network and get inspired by fellow professionals.
  • Monthly guided peer/group coaching sessions to benefit from perspectives and insights of fellow Women Lead Community members and receive personalized suggestions on the issues you face.
  • The Monthly Offers and Needs Market is a one-hour guided process where we meet virtually to identify and exchange passions, knowledge, skills, resources, personal (paid and unpaid) offers and needs.
  • A four street-smart 2-hour online workshops on essential leadership skills and competencies hosted by Leadership Associates (LA). Here you can develop your leadership skills in a collaborative and supportive environment and benefit from the feedback and guidance of experienced professionals. 
  • As a member, you also qualify for reductions for LA and other partner services.

We wish to make sure that every woman has access to a supportive community and high-quality leadership development resources when they need them. And that is why the services are also available via your mobile phone and the annual membership is priced at approximartely 1 Euro / 1.08 USD / 1.60 AUD a day, following your free trial period. And if you feel that you can’t afford this right now, simply write to the hosts and ask for a stipend.

With the membership fees we ensure the continuity of our services. We strive to continuously expand our services and support community engagement.

If you are not convinced after the free trial period, you can keep enjoying our free offers and change your mind at any time. You can still share and benefit from resources via the Women Lead Community home space, and access the virtual co-working space and the weekly Leadership Lounge with our colleagues from Leadership Associates. 

Join us now!