Quick Guide

How do I start?

You could post a challenging situation right away and ask for support. Or, if you prefer to support another woman before speaking up about a difficult situation of your own, you are not alone; it takes a bit of extra courage to start by sharing challenges. We know the majority of women are more willing to help another woman, which you can do in our community.

Step 1: Become a member 

Step 2: Post a challenging situation

  • Create your case
  • Post in “main feed” if you would like to hold your Listening Circle in English, or alternatively post in one of the language groups after joining them on the top left.
  • Select fitting topics with many followers, or create a new topic, if necessary
  • You will receive updates when another member replies to your post
  • When you have at least 4 replies, schedule a Listening Circle with them

Post a challenging situation

Video: How it works

Step 3: Organise a Listening Circle 

See Instructions/Help

Organise a Listening Circle

Video: Organise a LC

Watch how the Listening Circle works

Listening Circle

Video: Listening Circle

Step 4: Support a woman 

  • Find a case by browsing topics, scrolling the feed, or getting email notifications
  • Topics are like hashtags (each case can be in multiple topics)
  • Scroll down until you see “Popular topics”
  • Click “Follow” to receive email notifications of cases in topics you care about
  • Reply on one or more specific case(s) to show you want to support in a Listening Circle
  • The case giver will provide a link to schedule the online video meeting

Support a woman

Video: How it works