How we connect to form Listening Circles

Our purpose is connecting women with each other, women who want to support women, and women who need support from women. When they have found each other on our community platform we provide guidance for creating a Listening Circle. A Listening Circle consists of 1 case giver and 3 – 5 supporters.

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Each woman/member in our community can be a supporter and/or a case giver ( = a woman who needs support). And maybe you are like me? You would rather support another woman than speak up about a difficult situation in your life. It always takes a bit of extra courage to do so, right? You are not alone. By far the majority of women are quite easily willing to help another woman. This you can do in our community. You wonder how?

When you become a member you can browse a number of topics (= hashtags). Each topic contains one or more cases (= posts) of challenging situations that ‘courageous’ women have posted. Pick the one(s) that you are interested in, and reply. The ‘case giver’ will connect with you. When there are enough supporters (4+), the case giver will create a Listening Circle. You will learn how it works when you are a member of our community.

If you are a member of our community, need support and are courageous, you can share your challenging situation (business or personal) and hopefully several wonderful supporting women will reply to you. Then you can create a Listening Circle.

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Connecting women with each other in order to create Listening Circles is at the core of SourceField. This is what makes us different from a regular networking group.

‘Listening’ is the foremost quality each woman needs to have. Our Listening Circles are based on U-Theory (by Prof Otto Schaermer, MIT, Boston). They are not traditional coaching or advice giving circles. We believe that the answer to a challenging situation lies within each woman who experiences a challenging situation. Therefore we created an ‘oath’ that is binding for all community members participating in Listening Circles.

My oath

I promise to

  • listen attentively
  • stay silent while the case giver presents her case
  • suspend my values and beliefs
  • tap into and trust my intuition
  • generously share my knowledge and experience
  • maintain confidentiality
  • take responsibility for my decisions

Our vision at Sourcefield is to provide a safe place for women in business to connect with other women with a common purpose: to enrich their professional and personal lives.

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