How it works
Coaching Circle = Listening Circle

Become a member
Be a supporter —> Join a Listening Circle
Be a case giver —> Create a Listening Circle
How does the Listening Circle work?

Become a memberSIGN UP  🙂
You have access to all registered cases and can support the ones you like.
And/or you can post your own case and ask for support.

Be a supporter
Select and comment on the cases you are interested in supporting and let the case giver know you would like to help. You may receive an invitation from a case giver to participate in a Listening-Circle.

The case giver will suggest several dates and times using a meeting scheduling tool, where you can select those which suit you best. Once several women (limited to 5 in total) agree on the same date and time (and assuming you are one of these women), the case giver will invite you to an online meeting on a video conferencing platform.

Be a case giver
Ask for support with a challenging issue (business or personal) by posting your own case, where other women will be able to offer their support to you.

How to create a Listening Circle
Once you have posted your case and received at least 4 comments/replies sent by supporters, you invite them to a Listening-Circle suggesting several possible dates and times. When 4-5 women have agreed on a date and time, you then invite them to an online meeting on a video conferencing platform.

Suggested scheduling platforms:

Suggested Meeting platforms:
Google Meet

How does a Listening Circle work?
Listening Circles are at the core of SourceField and is what makes us different to a regular networking group. A Listening Circle consists of a group of 4-5 women who meet for 60 – 75 minutes. They support each other in developing new ways of thinking and new solutions for challenging situations.

More about the Listening/Coaching Circle : A Bold Solution by the Presencing Institute


  • The SourceField Oath (English, German and Spanish)
  • The structure of the Listening Circle in English HERE.
  • The structure of the Listening Circle in German HERE.
  • The structure of the Listening Circle in Spanish HERE.
  • General guidelines for smooth online meetings are provided HERE.